About Us

A Company is Born

Our story starts with a simple idea born from the stress of a joyous event. My oldest son was having his Bar-Mitzvah in 2005. My profession as a graphic designer inspired me to created his custom centerpieces but I needed to hire a balloon decorator, as I had no education with balloons. Once I saw my vision come to life with the balloons, I figured I could totally do that, and thus the idea of Confetti Party Decorating was born.

Transition to Decorated Decorator

Two years later I became a CBA — Certified Balloon Artist, and quickly after that I began to win awards. My designs were not only published in several manufacturer's catalogs, but also placed several times in twisting and decorating competitions. In 2015, at the FLOAT Balloon Convention, I won “Decorator of the Year".

From Decorator to Professor

With additional experience and education, I graduated even further. A major ballon company hired me to teach other balloon decorators new designs, techniques, tips, and tricks of the trade.

Be Part of Our Story!

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